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Compassionate Addiction Treatment

When someone struggles with an addiction, there is no area of their life that is safe from the consequences. While everyone’s journey looks different, but they can likely identify their addiction’s consequences. Your relationships, health, career, finances, and legal concerns can be this. 

Addiction is often described as chronic and progressive, meaning it doesn’t resolve independently. Addiction will continue without proper treatment and behavioral changes, and the consequences will continue to worsen. And while it may feel as though it cannot get worse, the truth is that it can. 

Marina Harbor Detox offers Santa Barbra addiction treatment. We work with individuals who misuse and abuse a variety of substances, including alcohol, opiates, benzos, cocaine, and meth. Our intimate detox program provides you with personalized support and assistance in developing your aftercare plan. To learn more about how Marina Harbor Detox can support you in your recovery, call (866) 525-3026 today.  

Substance Abuse in Santa Barbara, CA

The California Health Care Almanac reported that 8.8% of Californians 12 and older were living with a substance use disorder from 2018 to 2019. 6.3% of them were living with an alcohol use disorder, 3.6 struggled with illicit drugs, and 0.6% struggled with pain medications. 

A Community Needs Report from the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s reported that the overdose rates for fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin have continued to rise. More specifically, the rates of overdoses in Santa Barbara County went up 17% from 2020 to 2021. Drug-related deaths in Santa Barbara County have been on a continuous rise since 2017.  

If you have been struggling with the use of drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from a rehab in Santa Barbara, CA. Marina Harbor Detox is a detoxification program that provides you with private accommodations to ensure your privacy and comfort as your body adjusts to the natural changes at the beginning of your recovery. To learn more about the treatment program available at Marina Harbor Detox, call (866)525-3026 today!

What Types of Treatment are Available in Santa Barbara, CA?

Individuals who are struggling with substance abuse in the Santa Barbara area have access to an array of addiction treatment programs. 

Detoxification treatment programs in our area focus on supporting you as your body adjusts to the natural changes that occur in early recovery. Medical supervision is essential to these programs, as serious health risks can occur during detox. 


Inpatient treatment programs range from 30 to 120 days when you reside in the treatment facility. These programs are designed to help you develop the skills and tools necessary for a healthy and lasting recovery. Depending on the program you choose, you may have access to alternative and specialized treatment options.

Outpatient treatment programs provide you with continued support as you begin to navigate your recovery at home. Outpatient treatment programs include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programming, group therapy, and individual therapy. You may be eligible for dual-diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment, depending on your unique needs. 


Marina Harbor Detox is a Santa Barbara substance abuse program that provides individualized detoxification. Our private accommodations are designed to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and private space as you move through the withdrawal phase. As you approach the end of your time with us, our staff will work with you to develop a personalized relapse prevention plan that can support you at home. Call (866)525-3026 to speak with a Marnia Harbor Detox representative now!

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What to Look for in a Santa Barbara Rehab Center?

When you begin looking for addiction treatment in the Santa Barbara area, there are a few details that you will want to keep in mind. The first of which would be that the program you are looking at offers the correct level of care. As an example, someone who has been struggling to control, stop, or limit their use would likely benefit more from a detoxification program than an outpatient treatment program. 


It is also essential that the treatment program you choose can support you with all of your treatment needs. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2021 reported that approximately 9.2 million adults in the U.S. were living with another mental health concern in addition to their addiction. If you are one of the millions of Americans with this experience, you would benefit from a dual-diagnosis treatment facility. These programs support both concerns and help you live your best life. 


Once you have those details ironed out, you are then able to look at the various treatment options you have. As an example, different treatment programs offer different alternative treatment options. This can include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nature walks, nutrition education, anger management education, and stress reduction classes. Additionally, treatment providers may offer specialized treatment groups for men, women, Veterans, adolescents, college students, law enforcement, and professionals. 


Another detail that can impact your decision is the facility itself. As an example, could you have private accommodations? Are there unique outdoor or indoor recreational activities that interest you? While you will spend a good amount of time in various treatment activities, you will have some down to navigate. 


Marina Harbor Detox is a Santa Barbara medical detox program. Our intimate detox program offers personalized care for individuals in the beginning stage of their recovery. The staff at Marnia Harbor Detox will provide you with round-the-clock support and assistance to help you navigate this experience. Call (866)525-3026 to learn more today! 

Escape the Chaos of Addiction Today

Here at Marina Harbor Detox we understand that no two clients are alike. We offer each and every client a unique experience that fits their individual needs when seeking treatment for addiction. Our San Francisco drug and alcohol rehab center provides the perfect escape. Here you can focus on healing the core issues that lead to substance abuse in the first place, in a safe and comfortable environment. Our admissions coordinators are standing by day and night to help you find your personal solution. 

Marina Harbor Detox Center Provides Addiction Treatment to the Santa Barbara Area

Addiction is an isolating disease that often contributes to us withdrawing from friends, family, hobbies, and other interests. Feeling alone can make it harder to ask for help when you are struggling with substance use and misuse. 


Marina Harbor Detox is Santa Barbara, CA’s ideal addiction treatment program. We are an intimate detox facility that works with up to 6 individuals at a time. This allows us to provide you with personalized support and more 1:1 time with our staff. We will provide you with private accommodations, including a bath, to ensure your comfort and privacy as your body navigates the withdrawal process.  


At Marina Harbor Detox, we work with individuals who are misusing and abusing a variety of substances. This includes opioids, alcohol, benzos, amphetamines, and alcohol. The length of time you are with us will depend on personal characteristics, including the severity of your use and misuse, health concerns, mental health concerns, and any other substances that are being used. 


You will have the opportunity to engage in nature walks and have access to nutrition classes during your time with us. Before your time with us is complete, our staff will work with you to develop a continued care plan. This can include inpatient rehab programs, outpatient treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and peer-led self-help groups. 


For individuals who have been abusing and misusing substances, it is never too late to get sober. Treatment programs can support you while you detox and help you develop the tools and skills needed for a healthy recovery. Marina Harbor Detox can help you during your detoxification and help you determine the next steps for your recovery. Our representatives are waiting to further explain how we can support you in your recovery; call (866)525-3026 now!