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Substance Abuse in San Luis Obispo, CA

Similar to other areas of the United States, San Luis Obispo County has seen a rise in the number of prescription medications. This includes pain medication, sedatives, and stimulants. With an increased amount of these medications within our county, there is an increased risk for misuse and abuse. While prescription medications can provide relief for a variety of symptoms for some, others find themselves developing physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. 


In response to the rise in substance misuse and abuse in San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County developed the SLO County Opioid Safety Coalition in 2016 in an effort to reduce the rates of prescription drug misuse and abuse within our county. This Coalition includes community members, law enforcement, physicians, pharmacists, treatment professionals, the Public Health Department, Behavioral Health Department, and educators. 


The 2022 Substance Use In California: Prevalence and Treatment report provided valuable information that allows professionals to gain a better understanding of the current trends among individuals who are struggling with drugs and alcohol.


This report identified that marijuana was the most commonly used substance use by California residents, followed by pain medications, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin, respectively. Another important detail from this report is that approximately 3.8% of the California population is living with a substance abuse disorder and another mental health concern, often referred to as a dual diagnosis. 


With continued research, professionals and outreach programs can modify their approaches and focus to meet the needs of Californians.


Marina Harbor Detox offers San Luis Obispo addiction treatment in San Franciso, CA. As an intimate detox facility, you will have private rooms and bathroom accommodations. We work with individuals who struggle with opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines. To learn more about how Marina Harbor Detox can support you in your recovery, (866) 525-3026.  

What Types of Treatment Are Available in San Luis Obispo, CA?

For those who find themselves struggling with substance misuse and abuse in the San Luis Obispo area, there are addiction treatment options that can help you make the necessary changes for a healthy recovery. There are two main categories of addiction treatment programs; inpatient and outpatient treatment. 


Examples of inpatient addiction treatment programs include detox and inpatient rehab programs. Detox is often a necessary precursor for rehab programs because you will give your body the time and space needed to adjust to the natural changes that occur in recovery. Substance abuse and misuse change the way your body functions, so when you stop using, you may experience distress as your body reacts to this change. Additionally, detox programs provide you with medical supervision to ensure that you are not experiencing a health crisis during your drug or alcohol detox. Detox programs can range in length from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on your unique needs. 


Inpatient rehab programs provide you with a supportive and substance-free environment for the early stages of your recovery. Rehab programs often use a combination of traditional and additional treatment approaches. This can include group therapy, individual therapy, educational therapy, art therapy, nutrition education, and relapse prevention skills.  Rehab programs may offer dual-diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted treatment for those who are living with other mental health concerns. Similarly to detox programs, rehab programs can vary significantly in length anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. 


Outpatient addiction treatment programs include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient treatment, aftercare programs, and routine outpatient treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment programs can provide you with an invaluable source of support while you navigate your recovery in your home environment. Life is unpredictable, and no matter how hard we try to plan for the future, we all experience curve balls and hardships. For many, knowing that you can rely on your outpatient treatment provider for support can provide a sense of relief. Outpatient treatment programs can provide dual-diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted treatment to those in need. 


If you are in need of a San Luis Obispo rehab, we encourage you to contact Marnia Harbor Detox. Our detoxification program accommodates 6 individuals at a time which allows us to provide personalized and supportive care. Before you complete our program, our staff will work with you to ensure that you have a personal discharge plan that can support you when you return home. To learn more about Marina Harbor Detox, call (866)525-3026 now!

What to Look for in a San Luis Obispo Rehab Center?

When you are at a point in your journey where you are ready to get help for your substance use, there are a few details that you will want to keep in mind. The most important of which would be that they can provide you with the treatment you need. This includes treatment for the substance that you are abusing, as well as other mental health concerns that you may be living with. 


You will want to weigh the pros and cons of attending a treatment program close to home compared to one that can give you some space from your home environment. For some, having a little distance can go a long way in early recovery. 


Many find themselves worrying about the cost of addiction treatment, so we encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider regarding your healthcare coverage and what your financial responsibility would look like. 


Marina Harbor Detox is a rehab in San Luis Obispo that can provide you with personal support and encouragement as your body adjusts to the natural changes that occur when you stop using alcohol and drugs. Our staff will support you during this time, and help you find comfort when possible. Speak with a Marina Harbor Detox representative by calling (866)525-3026 today!

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Here at Marina Harbor Detox we understand that no two clients are alike. We offer each and every client a unique experience that fits their individual needs when seeking treatment for addiction. Our San Francisco drug and alcohol rehab center provides the perfect escape. Here you can focus on healing the core issues that lead to substance abuse in the first place, in a safe and comfortable environment. Our admissions coordinators are standing by day and night to help you find your personal solution. 

Marina Harbor Detox Center Provides Addiction Treatment to the San Luis Obispo Area

If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, you may find yourself struggling with your mental health and physical health. Anxiety, depression, isolation, and withdrawal symptoms are common challenges for those who find themselves struggling with addiction. 


Marina Harbor Detox is a San Luis Obispo substance abuse program located approximately three and a half hours North in San Francisco, CA. Marnia Harbor Detox is the ideal detoxification program in the area for several reasons. 


A key detail of our substance abuse program is that we provide an intimate environment by providing care for a maximum of 6 persons at a time. This allows our staff to provide you with individualized care that focuses on your unique needs.  You will have private accommodation which includes a room and bath. 


As a detox-only facility, our specialty is detoxification. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the support, compassion, and kindness you deserve during this stage of your recovery. 


Marina Harbor Detox works with individuals who misuse and abuse a variety of substances including alcohol, opioids, prescription medications, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines. During your time in our care, you will have access to nutrition education and recreational activities including nature walks in our beautiful corner of the world. 


Before you complete your detoxification program, our staff will work with you to develop a comprehensive and thorough personal discharge plan. This plan looks different for each individual we work with. Your discharge plan can include continued addiction treatment, mental health counseling, medication-assisted treatment, identifying personal supports, and finding peer-support groups in your area. 


If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from an addiction treatment program in San Luis Obispo. Marina Harbor Detox is the ideal detoxification program in the San Francisco area. If you are ready to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, call (866)525-3026 to speak with a Marina Harbor Detox representative today!