Are There Holistic Rehab Programs in San Francisco, CA

The idea of holistic medicine is widely associated with various aspects of natural disease treatment and techniques for health management. Many people do not realize that holistic approaches are an effective and popular part of many addiction treatment programs. Holistic addiction therapies are non-medicinal treatments that do not involve therapy sessions, medications, or other interventions that require a medical doctor. In this article, we will answer the question of how to find holistic rehab programs in San Francisco, CA.

In a holistic treatment program, these alternative treatment models are used simultaneously with evidence-based, traditional therapy practices. The goal of holistic therapy is to guide you towards reconnecting your body, mind, and spirit. Rehab programs that use holistic models develop treatment plans based on a whole-person approach that aims to treat addiction’s physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms.

Addiction and the challenges your may face as you work to overcome addiction are unique to you. Part of what makes addiction complex is the fact that no two people feel or live addiction in the same way, so addiction treatment programs must be designed around the unique needs and goals of the person seeking treatment. Programs at a holistic recovery center for addiction that address the whole person (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) are proven effective in improving the opportunity for positive treatment outcomes.


What is Holistic Treatment?

A San Francisco holistic recovery center like Mariana Harbor Detox, focuses on individualized, non-medical models for addiction therapy and recovery. Specially trained therapists use holistic therapies to treat physical and mental addiction symptoms and the emotional and nutritional challenges that often accompany addiction. The primary goals of holistic treatment include:

  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Reducing cravings
  • Promoting physical wellness
  • Identifying and examining the root causes of addiction
  • Reducing the potential for relapse

What are the Benefits of Holistic Treatment?

Recovering from alcohol or drug addiction requires a commitment to pursuing an improved state of health. Addiction is not a straight-line process. There will be setbacks along the way that may challenge your sobriety. Holistic rehabs like Mariana Harbor Detox use programs that treat the whole person allowing us to address all of the factors in your treatment needed to help you heal on all levels. 

Conventional therapy techniques like individual or group therapy may be intimidating or uncomfortable for some who seek addiction treatment. Including alternative approaches in a comprehensive plan can make achieving lasting sobriety more accessible for everyone.

Choosing to seek addiction treatment is the first step toward recovery from addiction. The holistic addiction treatment programs at Mariana Harbor Detox provide support and guidance throughout each stage of the addiction treatment process.

Because addiction is a disease unique to the individual, researchers believe that utilizing holistic treatment methods combined with traditional therapy techniques provides a more significant opportunity for positive treatment outcomes. However, it is crucial to remember that holistic treatment methods are not considered a substitute for conventional addiction treatment therapy.


What are Examples of Holistic Treatment?

Holistic rehab programs address various aspects of your overall health and well-being, ranging from meditation to exercise. Examples of holistic therapies you may find at a rehab like Mariana Harbor Detox include exercise therapies, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, massage, and other therapies that focus on developing and practicing self-care coping techniques. 

The most effective holistic rehab programs provide treatment programs uniquely developed around your needs. These programs combine holistic treatments with proven effective evidence-based therapies such as individual and group counseling, medical and nutritional support, and medically assisted detox.

Are There Holistic Rehab Programs in San Francisco, CA

With help from the holistic addiction treatment programs at Mariana Harbor Detox, you will feel safe and supported throughout your treatment journey. Our experienced San Francisco addiction treatment professionals will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment program that integrates alternative therapies with long-trusted traditional addiction therapy models. 

At our holistic rehab in San Francisco, your successful recovery is our goal. Although treatment of any kind is an essential first step towards healing, setting for “any” treatment program might mean you do not have access to the types of therapies that are most beneficial for you. Get sober at a rehab where your needs and goals are the roots of your treatment plan. 
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