What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

If you or someone you love struggles with addiction, you might consider holistic treatment as part of their recovery program. But what is included in holistic treatment, and how can it help facilitate long-term change and sobriety?

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment is an approach that targets your overall health, not just your single addiction to drugs or alcohol. Holistic practices help to improve everything around substance abuse while at the same time providing a foundation from which to learn coping strategies that help avoid relapse in the future.

How is Holistic Treatment Used in Addiction Treatment?

Holistic recovery is facilitated when individuals look at their mind, body, and spirit as a whole organism. Good holistic recovery programs target all of these areas as one rather than just providing drug detox or alcohol outpatient classes. Using medicine and addiction treatment to improve the health of the entire mind and body can provide more well-rounded healing.

Holistic treatment typically combines with evidence-based practice in an addiction recovery center to give you a well-rounded approach to healing. Addiction recovery centers will integrate things like exercise, nutrition, and meditation which have been scientifically proven effective in reducing stress, facilitating better lifestyle changes, and leading to overall happiness and stability. 

What are the Benefits of Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatments focus more on identifying the root or cause of addiction rather than addressing the symptoms of addiction which gives you a more realistic approach to Wellness and healing. With holistic treatment, you are empowered to take charge of your personal health, addressing the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of your well-being. 

Control Over Health and Lifestyle

Studies show that holistic treatments like meditation and yoga give you better control over your health and the decisions you make in your daily life. All people have the innate ability to maintain their well-being, but not everyone knows how. Holistic treatment shows you how to find a solution that best fits your body, your mind, and your current place along your journey to recovery. 

Mental Health Issues

Holistic treatment in addiction treats the underlying cause of substance abuse or addiction rather than just the symptoms. Modern medicine and detox programs can help an individual overcome their physical addiction but don’t go far enough when it comes to providing skills that treat the underlying mental health conditions which lead to addiction in the first place.

Many individuals who struggle with addiction also struggle with underlying mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Holistic addiction treatment gives ways to reduce anxiety and stress while also reducing symptoms of depression. For some people, having healthy meals prepared during a residential program gives better access to balanced nutrition, facilitating mood stabilization. For others, having access to yoga, meditation, exercise classes, and massages can help reduce stress and anxiety levels while providing long-term coping skills.

Long Term Coping Skills

One of the biggest benefits of holistic treatment is that it provides long-term coping skills in some cases. For those who struggle with addiction, triggers can bring about psychological or emotional struggles much the same as anger or stress in daily life. Having coping skills from things like yoga and meditation can give individuals an alternative to substance abuse when those triggers and stress arise.

Finding Holistic Addiction Treatment in San Francisco, CA

Finding holistic addiction treatment in San Francisco doesn’t have to take you away from home. Suitable facilities will offer residential services and a variety of holistic treatment options to improve the ability of the body to heal naturally, develop better daily habits and lifestyle changes, and reduce stress. 

When you are ready to find holistic addiction treatment, let Marina Harbor Detox help. We are a private, luxury facility in San Francisco with advanced, holistic treatment techniques to help you with numerous addictions. We care about your outcome, which is why we offer a range of holistic options like yoga, 12 step meetings, IV therapy, acupressure, healthy meals, NAD treatment, and more. 

We are here for you if you are ready to let holistic addiction treatment help you on your road to recovery. Let Marina Harbor Detox help today.

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