NAD Therapy

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NAD Therapy has been used since the late 1960s to help reduce the intensity and severity of withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol. The treatment is a relatively new addition to addiction treatment and recovery and is not yet well understood. Although the exact mechanism for how it helps is unclear, clinical use shows NAD Therapy for addiction can help your body to overcome physical drug and alcohol dependence and withdrawal symptoms. At Marina Harbor Drug Detox and Alcohol Detox provides NAD Therapy to help combat withdrawal symptoms and help individuals begin the path to recovery.

What Is NAD Therapy?

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an enzyme that is found in every living cell. NAD helps cells in the body produce energy by converting what we receive from our diets into cellular energy. While the body automatically produces NAD, the less our bodies produce the molecule as we begin to age. Other factors such as drug and alcohol abuse can also negatively impact the amount of NAD naturally produced by the body. The lack of NAD in our bodies can create aging, illness, and disease. Lack of NAD can also make it difficult to convert food energy into cellular energy, potentially increasing the risk for addiction and co-occurring medical or mental health disorders. Supplemental administration of NAD can help improve brain function, repair DNA, and improve signals between molecules vital for cellular communication.

Now used in therapeutic processes for anti-aging and promoting wellness and health, studies from the National Institute of Health have found that NAD can also be used to help maintain health and restore neurological symptoms to optimal functioning. NAD Therapy is administered through IV therapy, where the body receives infusions with different vitamins and supplements. These holistic supplements can help mitigate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and promote feelings of wellness. In addition, NAD Therapy can help speed up the body’s healing process from the toll of addiction and substance use disorder.

Who Is NAD Therapy For?

Those who are feeling decreased energy levels, mentally impaired, or constantly fatigued can benefit from NAD Therapy. In addition, for those going through drug withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal, NAD Therapy has been shown to restore cells and regenerate opioid receptors in the brain, often reducing cravings and symptoms. NAD Therapy is a recommended resource for those looking for a holistic method of healing and committed to long-term recovery.

While NAD Therapy isn’t a quick fix to addiction in itself, it is an extremely useful tool. NAD Therapy can help the transition into sobriety in a natural way. Addiction treatment centers like Marina Harbor offer NAD as a natural alternative to mediations. Unlike many pharmaceutical interventions, NAD has few unpleasant side effects. It also works well as a complementary treatment with traditional, evidence-based approaches like psychotherapy. When used on its own, NAD cannot help overcome addiction. It is still essential to complete a comprehensive addiction treatment program that helps address the physical and psychological roots of addiction.

Benefits Of NAD Therapy

NAD Therapy has a multitude of positive benefits, not only that impact the physical, but the mental, emotional, and psychological. When someone uses drugs or alcohol, the body’s natural supply of NAD is rapidly depleted. Once it is gone, the brain cannot get the same energy it usually receives from food intake. NAD Therapy helps replenish NAD levels which can be highly beneficial for reducing withdrawal symptoms and improving overall health.

Improves Brain Health

NAD cells help the brain’s functioning by helping cells regenerate themselves and guards against damage from illness or disease. Overall, NAD Therapy can improve your brain’s functioning, mental clarity, and memory.

Repairs Cells

Substance abuse creates a toll on the body. NAD Therapy can restore these cells by repairing DNA damage and reverse any damaged cells that may have come from substance use disorder. This helps restore depleted energy levels and improves overall functioning.

Healing Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

NAD Therapy can help speed up the detox process by alleviating withdrawal symptoms and flushing the harmful chemicals and toxins out of an individual’s body, ultimately kickstarting the healing process. Restoring depleted NAD enzymes can also help to regulate anxiety and depression from substance use disorder.

What To Expect During NAD Therapy

At Marina Harbor Detox, our intimate and luxury detox facility creates a structured, supportive, and comfortable atmosphere for you to start the process of recovery. With executive prepped meals, individual rooms, and experienced clinicians and medical professionals, our goal is to create a space for you to detox safely and comfortably with the best chances of success.

In addition to its benefits related to addiction withdrawal and recovery, NAD may also promote healthy aging, lower heart disease risk (by reducing systolic blood pressure), aid in weight loss (due to increased metabolism), lower cancer risk (by reducing oxidative stress and cellular damage) and promote healthy muscle aging.

NAD Therapy generally requires multiple infusions spread out over several days. The most common dosage pattern is one infusion per day over the course of ten days. However, each treatment center and patient are different. The treatment team at Marina Harbor will work with you to determine the best treatment course for your specific needs. NAD Therapy typically takes anywhere from two to four hours, and a medical professional will administer an IV to your arm while monitoring the process.

While going through treatment, you can rest comfortably, take in the picturesque views of San Francisco, or watch a movie or TV while you relax and begin to feel the effects of NAD Therapy take hold. Most people report improved mental clarity and “feeling better” between the fourth and eighth treatment. It is vital to remember as with any treatment process, it is essential to complete the entire course of therapy to achieve maximal results. Also, it is important to continue actively participating in the therapeutic aspects of your addiction treatment program. NAD can help to reduce cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms; however, it cannot help with vital coping skills and relapse prevention measures. These are developed and practiced during a comprehensive addiction treatment program and are essential to ensuring ongoing sobriety.

Side Effects Of NAD Therapy

A primary benefit to NAD Therapy is the notable absence of negative side effects. Because NAD is a naturally occurring chemical in the body, NAD infusions are far less likely to lead to harmful or adverse effects when compared to other interventions such as medications used in traditional medication-assisted therapies. Again, research into NAD Therapy is minimal; however, to date, thousands of people have received NAD treatments without harmful long-term side effects or reactions. During treatment, some patients have noted temporary feelings of stomach upset or nausea, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, and indigestion. 

Following NAD Therapy, you can expect to feel more rejuvenated, energized, and during withdrawal, less symptomatic. The number of sessions you have can vary depending on your goals and the duration of your detox. However, some common side effects of NAD Therapy can include:

  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Improved clarity
  • Improved concentration
  • Alleviated withdrawal symptoms

Escape the Chaos of Addiction Today

Here at Marina Harbor Detox, we understand that no two clients are alike. We offer each and every client a unique experience that fits their individual needs when seeking treatment for addiction. Our San Francisco drug and alcohol rehab center provides the perfect escape. Here you can focus on healing the core issues that lead to substance abuse in the first place, in a safe and comfortable environment. Our admissions coordinators are standing by day and night to help you find your personal solution. 

Find Your Path to Recovery with NAD Therapy in San Francisco, CA

At Marina Harbor Detox, we offer NAD Therapy to complement our drug detox and alcohol detox services. Our luxury 6-bed detox facility offers a picturesque setting to address maladaptive behaviors and begin the process of addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, it’s important to know that help is available. Reach out to Marina Harbor Detox today to begin the journey of recovery.

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