10 Signs of a Drinking Problem

If you are struggling and worried about drinking problem symptoms and whether you should reach out for help, it’s good to know when a situation is considered a problem.

How Do I Know if I Have a Drinking Problem?

There are many different signs of drinking problems that manifest in two different degrees depending on your situation. At its core, you know if you have a drinking problem when you drink more than you should, more often than you should, with very little control or ability to stop yourself. When alcohol consumption becomes more important than your responsibilities, it might be time to get help. Drinking problem symptoms gradually worsen as the addiction worsens. 

Is a Drinking Problem and Alcoholism the Same Thing?

Technically there are three levels to alcohol consumption:

  1. The first is a social drinker, someone who drinks during social occasions or with dinner in the evening but has complete control over when they drink and how much they drink.
  2. The second is a problem drinker. Someone who suffers from problem drinking problems can still get through their daily lives and function without alcohol, but they can’t stop once they start drinking. Drinking problem symptoms primarily take the form of the inability to control oneself once drinking has commenced, usually coupled with bad decisions.
  3. The third is an alcoholic, someone who has moved beyond problem drinking and is unable to function regularly without alcohol. Someone who is an alcoholic will focus exclusively on making sure they consume alcohol and suffer from physical withdrawal symptoms if they don’t.

10 Signs of a Drinking Problem

That said, there are key drinking problem symptoms you can look out for. These 10 signs of a drinking problem might reveal when you or someone you love need to consider help.

  1. The first of 10 signs of a drinking problem is regularly drinking more than intended. You might tell yourself that one more drink won’t hurt, but then before you realize it, you are very drunk and unable to stop.
  2.  If you regularly drink until you blackout and then play it off as a joke, especially when you wake up and realize you did something embarrassing, you might have a drinking problem.
  3. The second of 10 signs of a drinking problem has to do with ignoring your responsibilities because of alcohol. If you are regularly late to work, miss school, fail to achieve project deadlines because you’re hungover or neglect your family responsibilities, it might be signs of a drinking problem.
  4. If you put alcohol consumption ahead of your personal relationships, maybe disrespecting parents to ask you not to drink at a family event or failing to keep your promise because you’re too busy drinking, it might be a problem.
  5. Another sign of a drinking problem is constantly craving alcohol, celebrating for every small workplace achievement or drinking for every relationship problem you have.
  6. It’s a problem when you start hiding your drinking by sneaking alcohol while at work or in a movie theater or lying about how much you consume.
  7. Engaging in any type of reckless behavior such as waking up next to strangers, finding your car in the driveway without knowing how you got home are signs of problem drinking.
  8. If drinking is the main hobby or activity to which you turn even when you are alone, you might have a problem. When drinking becomes the thing you do just because it’s night or because you’re tired, bored, or lonely, it is likely a drinking problem.
  9. If your alcohol consumption has resulted in an arrest for driving under the influence, job loss, or had other legal or financial consequences, it is likely a significant problem.
  10. Finally, when your own health is on the line, and you experience physical withdrawal symptoms like irritability, anxiety, trembling. High blood pressure because of your alcohol dependence that is a huge sign that you have a problem with alcohol consumption. It might be time to turn to professionals who can give you the help you need to detox and overcome your addiction.

If you or someone you know exhibit some of these 10 signs of a drinking problem, let us help you. With Marina Harbor Detox, we can guide you through your alcohol detox and recovery.

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