What to Look for in an Alcohol Rehab

Your struggle with alcoholism, or that of your friends or family, represents an ongoing battle with a disease. Alcoholism is not just a personal failure or shortcoming; it is a serious health condition, and you deserve to get help overcoming this condition. Alcohol rehab offers one form of supportive, judgment-free support.

What are the Types of Programs Used to Treat Alcoholism?

Alcohol rehab comes in a few different forms. Most people think of AA meetings or residential rehab. Still, there are so many up-to-date treatments today offered at varying levels of intensity and in different settings so that you can choose to maintain complete privacy during the course of your treatment or keep your regular routine and go to meetings and therapies in the evenings.

There are three basic levels of care.

  1. The first is outpatient care. This is where you maintain your regular schedule; you live at home, go to work, but you have regular office visits for medication support for counseling. This is a low-intensity type of care.
  2. The second is Intensive Outpatient Care or IOP. This program might include partial hospitalization to help you overcome your withdrawal symptoms, and it is usually something people consider an alternative to outpatient and inpatient care. It is a more condensed form of therapy that can still provide long-term coping mechanisms and stress management skills.
  3. The third is an inpatient alcohol rehab program, sometimes called residential rehab. This is a higher intensity program that involves 24-hour treatment. You can visit a facility to undergo medically-supervised withdrawal treatment for your detox followed by different therapies during the day for the remainder of your program. These programs require you to live at the facility to get more privacy. They typically last a few months so that you have time to develop the long-term skills you need to avoid the high risk of relapse when you return to your regular environment.

Different Therapies and Amenities

When you work with a rehab center, you can also benefit from specific therapies or amenities, no matter which of these you choose. These can include a range of traditional evidence-based therapies and treatments like family therapy or individual therapy. It can also include holistic treatments like art therapy, music therapy, nutritional counseling, physical education, yoga, and meditation. 

How to Find the Best Alcohol Rehab for Me

There are many factors that can influence your decision to choose an alcohol rehab program. Knowing how to find the best alcohol rehab for you means knowing your insurance coverage, where you are located and whether you want a program nearby or far away, what type of environment you want, and what therapies you think might be useful.

If you don’t know what therapies might help you with any co-occurring medical conditions, you can always speak with your doctor or schedule a consultation with different rehab facilities to see what they have to offer and whether they think it is a good fit for you.

When looking into different alcohol rehab programs, ask them:

  • Whether they have licensed Physicians as part of their staff
  • Whether the facility is accredited and is committed to Quality and health safety
  • Whether the facility offers medical detox
  • Whether the facility has preventative support to give you life skills and social skills you will need once you leave the facility
  • Whether the facility offers evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies

Alcohol Rehab in Marin County, CA

Your battle with alcoholism is unique. Different factors have contributed to your addiction and different triggers in your environment that might exacerbate it. That is why your treatment plan should be equally unique and customized to what your needs are. Our staff at Marina Harbor Detox is here to help you with your alcohol rehab in Marin County, California. Located in a tranquil environment, our staff offers detoxification programs to help you through your initial withdrawal symptoms. We teach you the necessary skills for long-term coping, tackling things like stress management and physical fitness. It is time for you to get the help you deserve and overcome your alcohol addiction. Let us help you start your new path toward a rewarding and healthy lifestyle.

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