Ways Holistic Therapy Can Help

What is Holistic Therapy?

As you are trying to find which alternative is the best route for you in regards to addiction recovery, you might want to consider Holistic Therapy. Some of you may be wondering, what exactly is Holistic Therapy and how can it help me through recovery.

Holistic Therapy strives to address an individual’s mind, body, and spirit as they try to reach the underlying issues that exist within your life. While those suffering from addiction may be in search of different ways to heal themselves and stay on a healthy path, holistic therapy might be the very thing for you. Holistic therapy has been known to change one’s overall appreciation for life exponentially more heightened and the majority of patients stick to this program.

Holistic Therapy studies have shown that they tend to focus on the flow of energy between the patient and the program. This program is targeted at those that are willing to follow some of the main principles in holistic medicine practices to receive the best results.

Principles of holistic medicine as defined by the American Holistic Health Association, include:

  • The use of safe and effective therapeutic options for each patient
  • Integrating medical, educational, dietary, psychological, spiritual, and physical healing methods into each treatment as it is catered to each patient specifically
  • Trying to find the underlying issue of the disease instead of only treating the symptoms
  • Treating all diseases as a result of a dysfunction in the person
  • Encouragement of patient transparency and communication between physician and patient
  • Unconditional love between patient, close ones, and the physician
  • Constantly supporting the mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually growth of the patient

How Does It Benefit Me?

Holistic Therapy does not solely focus on treating the symptoms caused by the addiction, but the issues that started the addiction in the first place. As time progresses we find ourselves wondering if medication is the only answer to recovery, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Holistic therapy provides patients with a healthy alternative and the opportunity to learn a new lifestyle.

Studies have shown that this form of therapy has the potential to increase one’s way of self-expression. This allows patients to increase their self-esteem and boost their creativity. There are many different forms of Holistic treatments that one can consider when deciding to embark on this new journey.

Holistic Therapy Is Essential

Holistic Therapy has the potential to change your mindset regarding life. As you and your therapist are discussing ways to integrate this new lifestyle into your world, there might be things you may want to consider. Holistic Therapy promotes a better physical health mentality as it introduces regular exercise and a healthy dietary plan. Some of the forms of therapies generate more blood flow throughout your body. 

Different Forms Of Holistic Therapy

Holistic Therapy has the potential to change your entire outlook on life. While these practices may be new to you, they have been implemented into multiple programs to help those that are struggling with addiction. 

Some popular alternative programs for addiction include: 

  • Acupuncture – This format of holistic therapy goes back to the ancient Asian art of needle insertion. This practice may help reduce some of your withdrawal and detoxification symptoms. Thus, eliminating the cravings and muscles that may occur during recovery. 
  • Meditation/ Prayer – These methods are used to make you focus on not only controlling your emotions but staying in tune with your inner self. Meditation and prayer can help reduce stress and center yourself into controlling those dangerous impulses. 
  • Hypnosis – Believe it or not, but Medical hypnosis can be used to tap into your subconscious mind. This form of holistic therapy may eliminate your need for drugs and improve your self-esteem.
  • Biofeedback – This treatment uses machines that test your brain waves and help you better understand the state of mind when you are craving the drugs. This will ultimately help eliminate the problem.
  • Herbal therapy – Herbs such as ginseng, kaya, and valerian are used to increase your detox symptoms. Thus, promoting the need for relaxation during anxious moments.
  • Yoga –This form of holistic therapy is the most known due to its popularity over the years. Yoga will teach you about breathing, meditation, and relaxation, which may increase your flexibility and increase your understanding.

Holistic Therapy is not something that you can get adjusted to overnight, but it is worth investing in. While Yoga and herbal therapies can help promote healthier lifestyles and keep you from indulging in those negative impulses, it can be difficult to adjust to if you do not have a guide to show you. 

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